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Dear Future Public Speaking Superstar,

Picture this. You are invited to speak in front of a large audience. As you walk to the stage, you feel an overwhelming sense of confidence and mastery over the subject you’ll be discussing.

The people look at you as if they are very eager and interested to hear what you are about to say. As you start speaking, you notice that all the listeners are leaning forward. They are all smiling and nodding their heads, as if signaling their approval in your ideas.

You feel more and more enthusiastic as your speech goes on. As the speech comes to an end, you are cheered with a standing ovation from the audience. You hear some of them saying, “Great job!” You can tell from the many faces that they want to hear more. It’s an enjoyable experience for both the audience and you.

Then you wake up. You can’t believe it’s just a dream. “If only it’s true,” you say in disappointment, “but that ain’t happening to me.”

Stop Wishing and Whining! Let’s Turn that Public Speaking
Dream of Yours Into Reality… Right Here, Right Now!

Have you ever delivered a speech or presentation before? Most probably you have. So how did it go? Have you encountered any of the following while delivering it?

  • You have uncontrollable butterflies in the stomach;
  • Your stuttering voice is making it difficult for you to speak clearly;
  • You’re sweating all over;
  • Your listeners are yawning their way to dreamland and pouting their lips;
  • You feel so conscious with your audience’s reaction that you can’t focus on your speech

Be desperate no more! If your career is sluggish due to public speaking hindrances, kiss your worries good bye!

Now, you can start re-building your dreams and ascension to company hierarchy by this gem of a book designed to help especially the timid novices of public speaking and turn them into ace public speakers!

According to a recent survey, more people are afraid of public speaking than they are of dying.

Now you can become the best public speaker you could ever be with magnetic public speaking – how to magnetize and amaze your audience!

This book will show you how to get that golden tongue which can draw out enthusiastic responses from the bottom of people’s hearts and stimulate them to nod unreservedly to your discussion.

The information contained therein is a condensed write-up of powerful principles and easy-to-follow steps to writing and delivering spectacular speeches.

It will give you the crucial answers to such questions as “How do effective speakers really captivate their audience? How can they influence people by mere words? What can I do to be as successful as they are? How can I really conquer speech fright?”

After reading this book, you will be able to:

  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Manage speech anxiety effectively
  • Prepare a powerful speech using 9 basic steps
  • Analyze your audience to make your topic fit their interests
  • Enhance the quality of your speech
  • Organize your speech carefully to improve understanding and recall
  • Organize an introduction that will relax you and your audience
  • Identify the 3 qualities an effective speaker should possess
  • Know how public speaking can improve your personal development

Not only will you be getting this amazing study guide to help you excel in your public speaking, but you will be getting the material in 8 easy to follow audio lessons to enjoy listening to as well! For Only $47!

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lesson 1 – an introduction to public speaking

Do you have difficulty speaking in public settings?

Do you have an upcoming speech to make and you are concerned that you will not do a good job?

Have you had a bad experience speaking at an event and you want to make sure that never happens again?

In these first part of this book we will discuss the building blocks of public speaking, starting with this chapter, in which we provide an introduction to public speaking. You can improve your public speaking ability. When giving a presentation or making a speech, confidence is so important. When you are confident, you feel good about yourself, you present yourself well and the audience stays interested in what you have to say.

Many people get so nervous at just the thought of having to speak publicly. No matter what the subject matter or the situation, having to have all eyes on you while you speak can be very intimidating. With the help of this book you will gain the confidence and poise you need to be a great orator. You will be able express yourself clearly and succinctly. You will be able to keep the attention of your audience and they will walk away being impressed with your self-assurance and the ease at which you gave your presentation.

lesson 2 – transforming into a public speaker

You have the capability to be a great public speaker. No matter what profession a person has, from a teacher to an actor, people get nervous when they have to speak in front of others. In this chapter we will discuss the importance of public speaking in our everyday lives as well as some details of the communication process.

Public speaking plays so many roles in our society. When you are a confident public speaker, it can influence many other aspects of your life. When you know the subject matter you are talking about, and feel comfortable discussing it, people become more interested. Their interest directly influences your confidence level. By making a good impression on people you are speaking to can benefit your professional life as well as your personal life.

When you present yourself well in a professional environment, you are considered competent and able and you can have additional opportunities and success as a result. A similar thing can happen in your personal life. People are attracted to those who are confident. When you are a confident public speaker people want to hear what you have to say. You can establish and develop relationships more easily when you gain the respect of people.

lesson 3 - from the beginning, your first speech

You may be a great public speaker and you just don’t know it yet. In this chapter we will prepare you for your first speech. Included are 6 essential points to being a skillful public speaker. It is very important for you to evaluate yourself when you speak, this way you can continually make adjustments to improve your presentations.

Preparing yourself for your speech is vital. One of the main things you need to know is who your audience is and what kind of response you want from them. Even before this, you need to understand yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on your strengths and trying to improve your weaknesses when giving a speech is key to being confident in front on an audience.

Also, it is extremely important that you know the subject you are talking about inside and out. When you completely understand what you are presenting, you have less of a chance of experiencing an embarrassing situation such as getting tongue-tied or forgetting what comes next in your speech. Doing your research and studying the subject is key to giving a memorable presentation. You will feel good about the speech you have given and your audience will walk away remembering what you have told them.

lesson 4 - nurturing confidence within the speaker

Do you have a huge amount of anxiety with just the thought of speaking in public? You are not alone. One of the major obstacles people face when speaking in public is anxiety. The thought of having the attention of everyone in the room, and not wanting to appear foolish causes major stress to the person giving the speech.

In public speaking, confidence is the positive and anxiety is the negative. In this chapter we will review ways for you to reduce and even eliminate your anxiety when it comes to speaking in public. There are a variety of simple tips and techniques you can use to diminish and remove your anxiety. Practicing the techniques outlined in this chapter will help you to improve your public speaking significantly. You will give yourself the confidence you need to increase the positive and get rid of the negative.

You have the aspiration to be a great public speaker. You can do this, you are fully capable. Dealing with your anxiety is the first step to being the public speaker you wish to be. Using these tips and techniques outlined in this chapter will undeniably assist you in easing your anxiety and increasing your confidence.

lesson 5 - conquering fears ($12.95)

Do you feel that you will never be able to conquer the fear you have when speaking in public?

Do you think that some people are born with the ability to be public speakers while others are not?

This is not the case, and in this chapter we will outline ways in which you can conquer your fears when it comes to public speaking. Anyone can become a public speaker. We all have the tools necessary to speak in public. Having confidence in what you are talking about and knowing your audience will help you conquer your fear. It is really about empowering yourself and giving yourself the tools to give you confidence when speaking in front of an audience.

Learning how to analyze your fears will help you overcome them. When you truly understand what the cause is that is the basis for your fears, you can then learn ways to overcome them. This chapter provides you with ways in which you can analyze your fears and then tips which will help you overcome those fears. You do have the ability to overcome your fears regarding public speaking. You can be the great public speaker that you wish to be, give yourself the opportunity to prove this to yourself.

lesson 6 - choosing the right topic

We are now ready to start the next part of the book. In this section of the book you will learn to prepare yourself to create the perfect speech. In this particular chapter we will provide you with guidelines for which you can choose the right topic.

Selecting a topic requires you to think about a subject you are interested in. If you are not interested in the topic then it will be harder for you to make a speech that will give you confidence. The more interested you are in the topic, the easier it will be for you to research it. You can tell when someone has written a speech about a topic they are interested in. They are more passionate in the way the present it and the information provided is concise and easily understood.

Learning to make sure the topic you select is right for the audience is also important. Researching the setting of the speech and the makeup of the audience will help you. It is important that the topic selected is of interest to the audience. If the topic base you are allowed to select is limited, then making sure you create the speech in a way that the audience will understand, grasp and appreciate.

lesson 7 - understanding your audience

As we have discussed in previous chapters, understanding your audience is key to creating the best speech possible. In this chapter we will provide you with ways that you can gauge your audience and write a speech that will hold their attention and let them leave with being more informed from when they arrived.

Knowing your audience will also help you alleviate your anxiety. When you know who will be listening to your speech you can created a presentation that they will be interested in. Knowing the age group and the general interests of the audience will help you greatly. Any information you can find regarding your audience will allow you to write a speech that is educational and informative.

The more informed you are, the better off you will be. When you have researched your audience, and know what you can expect regarding the people listening to your speech, your confidence level increases. Your confidence level can easily be assessed by your audience. When you know who you are speaking to and you know your subject matter in and out, you can present a memorable speech that you will be proud of and that the audience will gain knowledge from.

lesson 8 – how to organize your speech

So far we have discussed the building blocks of your speech as well as going over what you need to do to prepare for your speech. In this next part of the book we will go over developing your speech. In particular, in this chapter we will go over ways in which you can develop and organize your speech.

Up to this point you have done all the research and preparation necessary to write your speech. You have learned how to alleviate your anxiety and fears and you have researched your topic and your audience. Now is the time to organize and write your speech.

Outlined in this chapter are ways in which you can organize you speech. Having all the information available in the world will not help you speech if it is not organized in clear and understandable fashion. Making sure you have an introduction, the main material and a closing is extremely important. You want to gain the interest of your audience in your introduction so that they remain interested for the remainder of your speech. Having your speech flow in an easy and clear way will keep the attention of your audience and will ensure that your audience retains the information you provide them with.

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